Medline Cognition : Pubmed searches using Semantic Natural Language Processing

I came across a submission to Nature Precedings this morning detailing the creation of a “semantic – natural language processing ” based search for the Pubmed database by Cognition Technologies  in collaboration with a team at the Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern Medical centre in Dallas.

A few searches later, I can definitely say the technology that drives “Medline Cognition” works and works extremely well. 

The Cognition paper details the creation of its “semantic map” involving many manual steps and the improvements to existing curations, indexes and ontologies.  The final result is its Medline concept index that drives its semantic search.

The paper has a brief comparison of its “Medline Cognition” searches compared  to PUBMED searches.  I too tried a few searches and can definitely say that unlike the other semantic web offerings that have been hyped recently, the patented-platform being built ( called CSIR)  works very well and can only get better as suggested by the planned improvements  detailed in their Nature Precedings paper.

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