Monthly Archives: August 2009

c2cbio .25 episodes and counting

Since October 2008 my good friend Atom ( Deepak singh to most of you) and myself have spent many of our Sundays recording the coast to coast bio podcast.  With the last episode the c2cbio podcast has completed 25 episodes, and we are thrilled. These 25 episodes have seen us talking about everything from version control , to meta-programming to synthetic biology to to pubsubhubub  to synchrotoron data collection to hadoop and all things cloud computing. The unifying theme  ( if any) is that mixing technology and science makes both better and definitely a lot more fun.

Its mainly thanks to c2cbio that I finally decided to sit down and start coding . Thanks to our many conversations about what makes a good programmer ,  version control , IDEs , test driven development and agile programming, I decided to try and put these into practice while I attempted to statisfy my code-itch.  Thanks to all the git topics from Atom , I too decided to start playing with git. The fun part was when I could see myself coding a lot more and writing code that even I reusedAnother conversation had us talking about Living code , about how Paul Buchheit built gmail and add-sense  . The take home message for me was to prototype and test extensively, and release often .   All of these lessons combined with version control have ensured that I am few days away from a simple app that hopefully makes creating and keeping track of crystallization solution grids easier.

Thanks to the podcast I feel I get to keep up with the goings on, especially when bench work leaves me with little time to browse and catch up.

Thanks to everyone for listening and writing in  . Heres to podcasting , coding and hopefully a lot more episodes of c2cbio.