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Resolver one – Pythonic spreadsheets

Everytime  I have struggled with syntax in Excel  I have always longed to break free from the tyranny of its visual basic syntax. Although very powerful, excels formulae and their complex mix of parenthesis , square brackets , dollar signs and brackets always had me wishing that spreasheets spoke a language with a more readable syntax.  When I first heard of Resolver One a pythonic spreadsheet on Jon Udels blog I couldn’t wait to try it out. I finally did just that .

This is kinda like my hello world of Resolver One spreadsheets . In this spreadsheet I play around with a few things I have struggled with in Excel. String manipulation: the bread and butter of Bioinformatics analysis , formatting and column formulae involving regular expressions  and finally  conditional formatting . Although resolver one exists mainly for windows platforms , I do run  it with both Parallels on my mac and on Windows Vista computers i have access to . The spreadsheet is fairly snappy , but does slow down if you have a large number of cells ( when I had a 2000 sequences and 9 columns , it did take almost a minute to recalculate )

Resolver one I feel could potentially provide the user interface I always needed when interacting with data produced by my python programs. Since most data is very amenable to the spreadsheet setup , I see this being a very nifty tool in my informatics aresenal.

For now you can find my spreadsheet at this URL and watch the screencast at its full resolution on bioscreencast.com at this URL.

The video embed below does not seem to work, only has audio , please check out the video URL and on the bioscreencast.com URL