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Pretty documentation and code snippets with snipt.net

Whether I am learning a new module or thinking up a new set of python modules to solve a problem at hand, I use google docs extensively to collect my thoughts and plan out my code.

In my google docs, I very often grab screenshots ( esp of dragged out screen area ) with ⌘-CTRL-Shift-4 and directly paste them into my Google Docs on Google Chrome as images. However, when it comes to inserting snippets of code I wrote into these documents I really like using snipt.net. I first came across snipt.net after Kenneth Love used it in his kickstarter funded getting started with django lessons.

snipt.net copy paste of html formatted syntax colored code is awesome!
snipt.net copy paste of html formatted syntax colored code is awesome!

With snipt.net , any code snippet is a copy-paste away.  I found myself using snipt.net so much that I decided to get the pro-account . To create a snipt, I copy and paste my code into the snipt.net form . Then by playing with a number of formatting options, I can change the way my code is colored and syntax highlighted . Once I am happy with the look . I save and close the snippet. Then I just copy and paste the final snippet view into google docs or make the snipt public and grab the javascript code and paste it into the Text compose view in WordPress.

For example here is some pretty,formatted python code output rendered by snipt.net javascript.

By default all snippets in paid accounts are private. Both public and private posts can be tagged, given a title and an optional description. The public posts can be directly published with a default built in template allowing for very quick “code focussed blogging”. These posts have a comments section that integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Disqus logins.

A code snippet "blog post" on snipt.net.
A code snippet “blog post” on snipt.net.

Although I dont use its blogging tools much, snipt.net has made inserting syntax colored code into my Google Docs and blog posts such as this one super easy!.